Northland College Workshop


LJ Lolesio was invited to run a couple of workshops with senior design students of Northland College. The day consisted of two sessions focusing on motion graphics and video editing. Using Adobe CC products, LJ had the chance to further the skills that students already had in publication design into moving image design. For many of the students, it was their first time using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

For the first workshop, the students were introduced to After Effects and learnt the key points of motion graphic design. Students familiarised themselves with keyframes which gave them a good understanding of animating position, scale and rotation values for frame to frame transitions. Students then collaborated on a lyric music video using their new set of skills. After their break time, the students were able to watch the end product of their collaborative lyric music video.

For the second workshop, the students were introduced to Premiere Pro which gave the students the chance to do a bit of dancing. Students had the opportunity to get out of class to record a few video clips for a collaborative music video featuring themselves. After a bit of fun outdoors the students were given an insight into a professional video editing workflow. Students then imported their video files and began cutting together a video sequence for their chosen song. Before the school day was over, the students walked around the class to watch each others edits of their music videos.

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