Kiwibots New Zealand

The VEX Robotics Nationals 2016 event was held at the Vodafone Events Centre in South Auckland. Teams from around New Zealand had the chance to compete in a three day VEX Robotics competition which qualified 5 teams for the 2016 VEX World Championships.

  • LJ Productions
  • Music
    ~Temz Productions
  • Testimony – Kiwibots New Zealand
    ~For several years now LJ has produced a real-time wrap video of our national robotics competition for us. The demands placed on him during this two-day event of severe has not only does he need to capture the essence of the event but he also needs to edit it and have it ready for playing as soon as the closing ceremony speeches are finished. He has managed to capture the spirit of the event and the excitement of the students using photography and video angles that one would not normally think of. I highly commend them on his work and it is always a pleasure to look back at his videos which so clearly remind us of the events. Thank you LJ.

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