Cook Islands Health Network Association

The Cook Islands Health Network Association (CIHNA) represents the healthcare interests of Cook Islands people in New Zealand by promoting health and wellbeing, contributing to and participating in health development in New Zealand.

The High Tech Youth Tech Shed worked on the pre-production for this resource which was then refereed to LJ Productions by the HTY Tech Shed for completion. LJ Productions took over as lead producer for this Cook Islands Health Network Association project.

  • LJ Productions – Contribution to this project
    ~Director – LJ Lolesio
    ~Story Development – LJ Lolesio, HTY Tech Shed, EROS Design Group
    ~Production – LJ Productions
    ~Editor/Compositor – LJ Lolesio
    ~Sound/Music – LJ Lolesio, Tema Maimoaga
  • Testimony – Cook Islands Health Association (CIHNA)
    ~ Edgy, Can-do, Let’s give it a go, Creativity and Innovation in Action, are just some of the words that describe the attitude and possibility vibes of LJ Lolesio. He takes ideas and turns them into inspiring messages in words, visuals and media that excites and hits the mark with the target audience(s). Versatility in action, we are grateful recipients of his talent in storyboarding, photography, cinematography and multimedia savviness in how best to convey our product with purpose and meaning. LJ exceeded our expectations within super tight deadlines.

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